Have you been to Hardee and Carl Jr. lately? So here is some good news. TellHappyStar is an online survey conducted by the American fast-food chain Hardee’s Food System Inc. It is based primarily in the South and Midwest of the United States. They are known for their delicious food and service.

TellHappyStar gives numerous awards for unbiased customer reviews of its services during its visit. It could also be a $ 1,000 gift card or voucher, so if you’ve recently been to the Hardee restaurant chain, leave your feedback with your order code and win great gifts.

Satisfied and satisfied customers are what they want for long-term success, hence this TellHappyStar survey.

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The TellHappyStar Hardee’s validation code investigation is designed to reveal the growth and performance of the food chain. The company fixes your mistakes and guarantees a better experience next time. It also helps customers rate the restaurant and get free gifts and discounts on their next visit.

In this way, Hardee’s can keep you well with its customers and ensure satisfaction and a pleasant visit. This is a reciprocal service program that benefits both parties. Enter for a chance to win a free lunch and great deals by completing the survey.

Steps To Participate In The Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • You must first shop at one of the Hardee’s and keep your receipt.
  • Visit the survey site now.
  • If necessary, change the language from English to Spanish by clicking on the “Spanish” link.
  • Now enter the agency number from your receipt in the field provided.
  • Select the date and time of your visit and your age.
  • After entering the information, press “Start” to start the search.
  • Then, evaluate the satisfaction factors asked there and answer the questions about customer satisfaction.
  • The next page will take you to the rewards page that you expected the design page to be.
  • Be sure to comment on your service before submitting the survey.
  • At the end of this survey, you will receive a validation code that you must use in your next purchase in order to benefit from a discount or interesting offers.

About Hardee’s Survey

Hardee’s Survey is a survey developed by the Hardee supermarket chain to collect customer feedback. The TellHardee survey is designed to collect customer experiences with Hardee’s food quality and customer service.

Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey focuses primarily on the recent experiences of the supermarket chain’s customers. By participating in the Hardee Customer Satisfaction Survey, customers can provide valuable and accurate feedback on their satisfaction. By participating in Hardee’s official customer satisfaction survey, foodies can share all the details of their recent experiences.

On the home page, you will see 4 input fields directly below the welcome notice. To start the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, simply enter the transaction number, time, and date. Also, select Yes from the minimum age requirement drop-down menu.

You can find the ticket details on the proof of purchase. A sample receipt is available to help you find the information you need to begin the comment process. The button can be accessed by pressing and takes you to the next page. You can also change your language to Spanish if you wish.

The survey is designed to help Hardee’s management adjust to clients’ busy lifestyles. The survey only takes a few minutes and each participant has a chance to win a coupon.

From the survey, the team of the supermarket chain collects valuable feedback and opinions from customers that can help them grow even more. So, take Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and help them improve their products and services.

Important Notes About Survey Offer

  • The TellHappyStar survey offer can only be used at participating Carl’s Jr. and Hardee stores unless prohibited.
  • The offer limit is one free item per receipt per visit.
  • You must present the receipt with the validation code at one of the participating restaurants in order to benefit from the offer.
  • Offer cannot be combined with other offers, coupons, discounts, or combinations.
  • Hash spins are not available only during regular breakfast hours and free tokens after regular breakfast hours.
  • The survey is carried out by the Service Management Group. You can review their privacy policy and terms of use via the link on the TellHappyStar survey page. Hardee’s is a popular casual dining restaurant chain in the United States. Have you ever dined at Hardee’s? Are you satisfied with Hardee’s customer service? To hear the voices of his customers, Hardee’s conducted an online Hardee Customer Satisfaction Survey known as the TellHappyStar Customer Survey. All you need to do is answer any questions about your last visit to the Hardee’s websites.

Your comments are very important to improve the region. So please visit the official website at and provide tips and advice through Hardee’s customer survey to help you get better service. “In return, Hardee’s offers you a unique way to save money by offering Hardee’s coupons as a Hardee reward.

Survey Rules and Requirments

There are some TellHappyStar survey rules that you should consider before taking the survey. So let’s dive into

  • The TellHappyStar survey will only be conducted at selected participating Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants/stores.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be a resident of the United States to validly participate in the survey.
  • You can only complete the survey once per receipt.
  • You need a valid receipt for your purchase and an invitation code for the survey.
  • Receive your selection of free fries, free small drinks, or regular price hash when you shop for groceries.
  • The offer ends 30 days after receipt.
  • To access the survey website, you need an active internet connection and a mobile device or PC.
  • The survey is only available in English or French, so you must understand one of these languages.
  • If there is no survey invitation code on your receipt, you will not be able to participate in the survey.
  • Carl’s Jr. and Hardee employees and their families cannot participate in the survey.

Things You Need To Know About The Survey

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are conducting a TellHappyStar survey of their valued customers on the survey site at Your goal is to give them the best of what they serve. Conducting customer surveys on the quality of food, services, and the environment helps the company grow and offer the best to its customers.

They do this by collecting negative and positive feedback that will help them identify their shortcomings and improve them. Your opinions work to give you the best.

Completing the TellHappyStar survey only takes a few minutes. In recognition of the time it took to complete the survey at, you will have a chance to enter the drawing and win a free meal and a $ 1,000 gift card.

What else do you need? Complete the survey now to take advantage of this offer.

What Are The Requirements For The Customer Satisfaction Survey?

  • You must have a basic knowledge of English or Spanish.
  • Only one application per person will be accepted.
  • You need a device like a laptop, desktop, or smartphone that is connected to the internet.
  • The required age is over 18 years old.
  • You must have access to an up-to-date TellHappyStar sales receipt.
  • Sponsors, employees, and employee families are not eligible to participate in this survey.
  • No refund is available.

It is possible to get a discount code at Hardee. You must complete and complete the Hardee survey to receive a coupon code for a free meal. Through these Tell Hardee’s, the company wants to know your visiting experience and provide you with a better service and a better quality of food.

Therefore, it is very important that you provide feedback on this Hardee Customer Satisfaction Survey at Your feedback can be negative or positive, but real feedback is needed. Read this article to understand the Hardee Customer Survey rules and requirements, as well as the step-by-step guide on how to complete and obtain the free food validation code.

Survey Rewards You Can Win

  • Hardee’s offers guests a free sandwich when they complete the Hardee’s Guest Experience Survey!
  • To get a quote, you must shop at Hardee’s, save your receipt, and complete the survey.
  • Your earnings will depend on the gift printed on your receipt, for example, a free meal, a BOGO gift, and more.
  • After completing the Hardee customer survey, you will receive a validation code with which you can access the offer printed on your receipt on your next visit.
  • By participating in this Hardee customer survey, you have the chance to receive a promo code for an exciting offer; H. Meals offered with the purchase of a main meal.
Official NameTellHappyStar
RewardFree Coupon Code
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
Survey NameHardee’s Survey
LocationUnited States of America

What Are The Survey Benefits?

The TellHappyStar survey is intended for communication between you and the management of Hardee and Carl’s jr. Customers have the opportunity to voice their complaints unhindered and be rewarded.

The company understands the possibility of improving its services. Some customers who respond to the survey do not give real answers. You can take the TellHappyStar survey if you have not visited the restaurant for more than seven days. The code expires 30 days after investigation.

Questions Asked In The Customer Survey

  • The team takes the time to deliver the order.
  • The restaurant inquires about the neighborhood and the accommodation possibilities, as well as the cleanliness and hygiene of the facilities.
  • Food prices, fair or not.
  • They ask about the quality and quantity of food available in the restaurant.
  • The nature of employees and employees, behave well or not.

These are the few related questions asked in the TellHappyStar receipt survey. Therefore, customers who visit the store and are ready to take this survey can do so. All you have to do is answer all the reliable survey responses without any false experience with the service and products.

Have you ever tried delicious delicacies at Hardee’s? Did you like the service and the environment? If so, please share your culinary experience on Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey for further enhancements on the official web portal

TellHappyStar is a survey conducted by Hardee’s. They want to know what the customer thinks of their services and what they offer. In this way, they can know what and where they can improve based on the needs of their customers.

When you complete the Tell Hardee survey, you will receive a free discount code that you can use to receive a free discount offer on your next visit. Therefore, to respond to the Hardee Feedback survey, you must follow the rules and regulations listed below along with the step-by-step instructions to complete it and receive the “Survey Award.”

About Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

Carl’s Jr. Restaurant LLC and Hardee’s Restaurant LLC are two American fast-food chains operated by the same parent company, CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. Carl’s Jr. was founded in 1941 by Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret Karcher. The chain now has more than 1,000 restaurants and franchises in 28 other countries.

Hardee’s first restaurant was opened by Wilber Hardee in 1960. He has known several business owners since its inception. Hardee’s currently has more than 1,400 locations in the United States, primarily in the South and Midwest, and in 14 countries.

Have you recently dined at Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s? If so, please take a few minutes to share your experience with the Carl’s Jr. & Hardee Customer Satisfaction Survey online. Once you have completed the survey, you will receive a verification code that you can use to redeem the offer printed on the back of your Carl’s Jr. or Hardee receipt. Since your feedback has a great impact on improving customer service, please complete the survey as honestly as possible.

Final Words

In this article, I have compiled all the instructions for completing a Hardee survey on their survey portal So, I hope you have all the information on how to successfully complete Hardee’s survey and ensure you win a promo code for amazing free discounts.

This will help them earn an additional reward and a gift just for providing feedback on Hardee’s Customer Experience Survey. You can also ask Hardee Customer Survey/TellHappyStar survey questions or provide your feedback. Just comment below.

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